Our bridal work is minimal and personalized. You will never find us in any bridal magazine, nor in a bridal expo or even advertising on the online bridal sites. Our logic is that we are not looking to over extend ourselves and be every bride’s florist. We also don’t want to have the overhead expense of advertising and have to incorporate those costs into higher budgets to recover the marketing cost. 

By choice we have elected to only work with brides that find us from friends that have gotten married and general word of mouth. This all translates into more attention to the individual couple getting married, a greater value in floral décor and a more precise articulation of your vision. Starbright is never overwhelmed with multiple large weddings on the same day and the real benefit to you is attention to every detail, like no other. 

It all starts with a few emails, perhaps a phone call and a meeting at our studio. Photographs of inspiration will be exchanged by both parties and the overall scope of your special day will be discussed. We will create an outline, descriptions, colors, photos and budgets. Once we are all in line, final samples will be made and the balance of the work is all ours. We promise you a most spectacular wedding day.

To inquire about our bridal services, please complete the inquiry form below. A member of our bridal team will be in contact within a short period of time to answer all your questions and begin a conversation.  

Our gallery below exemplifies with some samples the quality of our work and some of our actual weddings that we have created florals for.  

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