Flowers for our furry friends!

Proudly Announcing Starbright Floral Designs Tulips de Chien” Line:

Finally there is a product that fuses the love of flowers with the love of Dog ownership.

Send your dog the best flowers to make him/her feel appreciated, pampered and RELAXED - exactly how they should feel! For all the love and joy they provide to you a bouquet of“Tulips de Chien” will serve the dual purpose of pampering yourself while providing a stress easing dose of Dog Appeasing Pheromone(hereinafter “D.A.P.”) into the air.   These genetically modified tulips line are as beautiful as tulips can be with the added benefit of providing you beloved dog with the proven benefits of D.A.P.:

  • Reduces “home alone” stress related behavior
  • Calms dogs during stressful events such as the Macy’s fireworks show, and thunderstorms
  • Helps puppies adapt to new environments

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