As long as we are open an order can be taken and a delivery can be made.  Up to the very last minute of our day, we will gladly be of service and take your order. All deliveries in Manhattan are guaranteed to be taken and delivered the same day until 8PM six days a week and until 6PM on Sunday. 

Paramount in our principles of customer services is to ensure that we never refuse a client’s request. During our business hours we do everything we can to take and complete all deliveries inside Manhattan. 

We have a trusted network of hand-picked florists throughout the country that we have cultivated relationships with over many years. We know these florist shops to have standards that mirror our own. All requests for floral deliveries that are outside our own delivery area, can be served until 3PM in the time zone of the delivery location. 

International service is available on a country-by-country basis and two day notice is needed. 

To inquire about our delivery services or to speak to one of our exceptionally trained customer service team members please complete the request form below and we will be in touch soon.

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