Located in the heart of The Chelsea Historic District of Manhattan. This is an area that was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1977. A part of Manhattan with contiguous blocks that contain particularly significant period architecture.  Starbright is nestled in an area that is the center of NYC’s art world with over 200 galleries. We are a member of and proud partner of the Historic New York City Flower District and contribute widely to the success and preservation of an open flower market that has been a part of Manhattan for over 125 years and spans four city blocks. 

Our flower and plant emporium provides an experience like no other. It is an open air environment where guests interact directly with up to twenty different floral designers each with a unique style and training. Come in! Pick your designer and stand with them at their design table and watch magic happen before your eyes! Everything is bespoke and customized to your vision and inspiration. Thousands of blooms in over a one-hundred varieties to choose from and always available. Everything fresh and everything spectacular.

Our space is well lit, open and inviting. There are always guests mingling with the staff and conversations, sometimes animated and fun, take place where some are talking about their events, others about a gift to send and yet others about their home décor. Pop on by and enjoy the experience. There is nothing intimidating or fancy here. Just great flowers, awesome service and the friendliest staff ever!

Some of the specialties (besides awesome flowers) that you will find at Starbright include: Amazing orchids in many varieties and colors, succulents and cacti gardens (or make your own garden), house plants from the most known to the rarest, an air plant collection to amaze and so much more. 

Manhattan Sideways has done a feature story on Starbright and our unique window displays are photographed by passersby, local and tourists alike. We would love to see you and if you catch us on the right day, a complimentary bouquet could be yours! 

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