For many of our clients, we provide lush green plants as well as orchids to beautify and accent offices, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, lobbies, public spaces and private residences.

We have a vast roster of green plants (over one-thousand) and an almost equal number of orchid plants scattered in offices throughout Manhattan that we care for. Orchid plants are particularly popular in boutiques, retail locations, hotels and offices. 

Our plant care programs are custom designed for the location at which the plants will be placed. We always keep in mind the inspiration décor of the space, what the architect had in mind as well as the conditions of the office and what specimen would thrive. Our concept is simple. You only pay for your plants one time. The monthly care fee has a component that guarantees replacement of your plants should anything ever lose its luster. Clients that have plants under our care programs only pay for the plant once and have guaranteed replacement for the life of our relationship.

The orchid maintenance and care program is essentially identical as our plant care program with the exception that all orchids are replaced monthly to ensure full bloom and lush presentation at all times. 

To inquire about our plant care services, please complete the inquiry form below.  A well-trained member of our team will be in contact within a short period of time to answer all your questions and begin a conversation.   

Our gallery below include examples of plants that are suitable for an office environment and fit into our green plant programs.