It has been well documented that flowers improve our feelings and our daily outlook. Nothing compares to coming home and seeing a vase of fresh cut flowers on the dining room table. The flowers do not have to be pricey and they don’t have to be over-designed. Just a vase, or even a pitcher of market flowers and the day just feels a whole lot brighter. Having a mason jar full of field flowers on the breakfast nook is always a great way to start the day and certainly goes well with French toast, cereal, fresh juice or coffee. A simple reminder to stop and smell the roses.

We have consulted with many architectural firms and interior decorators and have assisted with recommendations of placement of fresh flowers in a permanent area of the home as well as for special occasions. We consult for varieties of plants, succulents and orchids. We will recommend varieties that both match the home’s décor and also will thrive in the environment. In this capacity, we will keep a photo file in our records that we will refer to every time a change needs to be made or an order is placed.

To inquire about our in-home flower and decor services, please complete the inquiry request form below and we will be in contact soon.  A well-trained member of our team will be in contact within a short period of time to answer all your questions and begin a conversation.  

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