Starbright Floral Design Kicks Off the “Tulips de Chien” line.  Finally the technology is available to create a product line specifically designed for flower loving dog owners. 

NEW YORK — April 1, 2016At a press conference at Starbright headquarters in the heart of New York City’s historic flower district, Nic Faitos , Starbright’s President, in association with the Poisson D’avril Institute for Canine Studies (an industry group whose mission is to promote Canine wellness throughout the world), announced the availability of the “Tulips de Chien”.   A flower line that, coupled with a specially formulated additive, releases Dog Appeasing Pheromone(hereinafter “D.A.P.”) into the air.   The recipient is oblivious to any difference in appearance between the commercially available standard Tulips and the D.A.P. releasing engineered Tulips.  However, the recipient’s dog will notice a difference within minutes of the flowers being introduced into its environment and the dog owner can rest assured that the next time the dog is left alone it will not be overly stressed.

  • Reduces “home alone” stress related behavior
  • Calms dogs during stressful events such as the Macy’s fireworks show, and thunderstorms
  • Helps puppies adapt to new environments

The concept was conceived by the creative minds of the “Home Alone Project” and designed through many years of collaboration between the finest botanists in the world with renowned Greek botanist and loving dog owner Dr. Skilo Protoapriliou as the lead scientist.  The science behind the project is available on Dr. Skilo Protoapriliou’s dissertation.

Today’s announcement that the “Tulips de Chien” is available exclusively in NYC to retail customers of Starbright Floral Design and national licensing customers with exclusive territory rights.

Business Value
“This action will give florists an additional option to boost revenue and grow their businesses by appealing to this new audience of dog-owning New Yorkers and their four-legged friends,” Faitos said.

A Sienna College poll found that 57 percent of New Yorkers consider themselves “dog people,” while 17 percent call themselves “cat people.” Overall, 42 percent reported having a pet. Thirty percent have a dog, 20 percent live with a cat, and nearly 10 percent own at least one of each.

On the Road to the Future
“During the last two decades, Starbright has built an impeccable reputation in the floral industry with unsurpassed customer service.” Faitos said. “Although we have been at the forefront of technology, the new product announced today is personal as it was funded and conceived with the love of my dog in mind.  Every time I left the house I can see my little pup shaking.  The results have been amazing.  Although I have been a florist for over two decades I only recently began to bring flowers home on a regular basis and they’re for my dog!  Said Nic Faitos, President of Starbright Floral Design.

Located in the heart of NYC’s flower district and founded in 1994, Starbright Floral Design has established the gold standard for customer service within the floral industry. The Company has grown steadily every year since its inception. The Tulips de Chien and other innovative products being worked on currently, has Starbright on the threshold of exponential growth for the coming years.

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